1. Thou shalt respect boobs.
Boobs have the power to create happiness, and they have the power to take it away. They are symbols of life and beginning, and for that they deserve the utmost respect and courtesy.

2. Thou shalt not hold elbows, shins, kneecaps, or boogers before boobs.
Boobs can sustain life and lead a warrior into battle. What can elbows do?

3. Thou shalt not take any name of boobs in vain.
Anyone that says negative things about boobs is probably a terrorist, or really really confused.

4. Remember: Every day is a good boob day.
Even if the world is swarming with flesh eating zombie ninjas and dragons with fiery, corny poop, it will still be a good day for boobs.

5. Honor thine boobs above all others, for they shall act as thine guide.
There is tremendous power in having love for yourself and a particular love for the boobs you hold dear.

6. Recognize that boobs hold the power to unite humankind.
If there is one thing that the leaders of the human race can agree on regardless of race, religion, gender, preference, or creed…it is that boobs are awesome.

7. Once a Boobist, always a Boobist.
Boobism is a way of life. You don’t become a Boobist. You are born a Boobist.